04th - 06th November 2017 Hyderabad, India
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(Applicable taxes is in addition to the quoted prices)

For Delegates

National Delegates Fee
Category Individual
Private Sector Rs. 15,000
Govt. Sector Rs. 10,000
*IUT/ NGO/Academia Rs. 5,000
Student Rs. 2,500

* Limited delegate fee waiver for IUT members on first cum first serve basis
International Delegates Fee
Internationals / High and Medium Income countries Non Student 750€
Student and researchers 300€
CODATU members 375€
Internationals / Lowincome countries Non Student 300€
Students and researchers 150€
CODATU members 200€
Early bird registration 10% discount for delegated registering before July 1st, 2017

For Exhibitors

Exhibition Booth Charges
Booth Specifications Details Pricing
Country/State/City Pavilion To showcase best practices. Raw space/ sq. mt. is Rs 15000
Shell Scheme Booth 3m*3m with 2 chairs, 1 table, carpeting and two light panels Rs 1,80,000
  • 2 complementary delegates passes are provided to each exhibitor
  • On booking of 5 or more stalls promotional video of 3 minutes would be run in the lunch/ tea/ foyer area at least 1 time per  day

For Sponsors

Sponsorship Structure (INR):
Amount of Sponsorship Rs 50,00,000 Rs 30,00,000 Rs 20,00,000 Rs10,00,000 Rs 5,00,000 Rs 3,00,000 Rs 2,00,000 Rs 1,00,000 Rs 50,000
Sponsorship Title Lead Sponsor Diamond Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor

One Dinner with cocktails
Silver Sponsor


One Lunch


One Evening Cocktail

Presentation slot


Conference Bags*

Bronze Sponsor


Branding of Information Kiosks
Tea and Coffee

(per day)


Literature in Kit Bag


Promotional videos
Advertisement in the Binder


#Branded Pens (with company logo)


Branded note pads


Gift in Kit Bag
Session Chair Chair / co – chair in 2 sessions
Logo on Conference backdrop
Literature in UMI Kit
Complementary Speaker Slot/ Exhibition stall (1 speaker slot + 4 stalls) or (5 stalls) (1 speaker slot + 2 stalls) or (3 stalls) (1 speaker slot + 1 stall) or (2 stalls) 1 speaker slot or 1 stall
Complimentary delegate passes 30 25 20 15 10 7 5 2 1
Advertisement in binder 1 FCP 1 FCP 1 FCP 1 FCP 1 BWP 1 BWP 1/2 BWP 1/2 BWP 1/4 BWP
Promotional videos (up to 3 minutes) **

FCP-Full color page BWP- Black and white page
*Bags would be Canvas/Jute
#A minimum of 1000 pieces are to be provided
** 2 times per day for the category of promotional video only


  • On opting for 2 sponsorships, a discount of 10% would be given
  • On opting for 3 sponsorships, a discount of 20% would be given
  • On multiple net sponsorships totaling Rs 10 lakhs or above, all benefits of Gold Sponsor would be given

  • (Applicable taxes is in addition to the quoted prices)

Early Bird Discounts for Exhibitors and Delegates:

Sl.No. Date Discount Rate
1 Up to 30th April, 2017 40%
2 Up to 31st May, 2017 30%
3 Up to 30th June, 2017 20%
4 Up to 31st July, 2017 10%

Knowledge Partners

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Media Partners

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